The Museum’s scientific team conducts research on historical knowledge, the anthropology and heritage of Basque maritime culture.

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Two maritime republics in Guipúzcoa

Cartel para artículo 2 repúblicas marítimas de Guipúzcoa

Guetaria and San Sebastián with Pasajes, two maritime republics in Guipúzcoa

Recursos navales en el siglo XVIII

Naval resources in the 18th century

Reform of the administration of Gipuzkoa’s naval resources in the early 18th century.

Logo Elkano zikloa

Myths surrounding the First Voyage around the World

Origins and importance of some myths concerning the voyage around the world

Maderas para dominar los mares

Timber to rule the seas

Forestry policies and supplies for the Hispanic Monarchy in the 16th and 18th centuries

La Nao Victoria

The Victoria vessel

International congress: Study and analysis of the technological context of the Victoria.

Investigación Construcción Naval Vasca

Basque shipbuilding and the Victoria vessel

Context and reasons behind the Basque Country’s prominence in transformations of naval technology.

Kontxa 1918

Kontxa 1918

Oral testimony by rowers in the 1950 and 1960 Banderas de la Concha races.