Mare Clausum

This exhibition seeks to generate reflection on the question “whose sea is it?” and to highlight the influence of the Basque Country in seven centuries of European expansion throughout the world’s oceans.

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This photographic series is an encounter with the very essence of the port where reality fades away to give way to a unique and abstract visual experience.

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Looking Thorugh Heritage

This exhibition is an invitation to rediscover the Heritage that surrounds us, from multiple perspectives. It is a tribute to spaces, environments, architectures, traditions, landscapes that make up our surroundings and tell us about our cultural heritage

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Moilak. Traditionally Innovative

This exhibition illustrates the important role Basque ports have played in the last two centuries. Ports have always been hubs of economic, social and technological innovation and they have had a direct impact on the historical development of the Basque Country more widely. Is innovation part of our tradition?

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Inmersión: Viaje submarino

We dive into the depths of the sea to learn about the history of scuba diving from ancient times, through the 19th century with the discovery of the Siebe diving suit, to the birth of sport diving in the 20th century.

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Towards the essence

The exhibition shows the creation process of the last comic of the artist Donostiarra Josean Olabe from beginning to end.

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Exposición Ozeana - Euskal Itsas Museoa

Ozeana is an installation by six artists combining, relating and linking their specific, different views of the sea in a single stylistic ocean of communication.

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Leopoldina Rosa: a story of today

imagen exposición Leopoldina

The Basque Maritime Museum presented “Leopoldina Rosa: a story of today”, an exhibition which comes from and was produced by the Zumalakarregi Museum in Ormaiztegi, a dual look at the phenomenon of migration between the 19th century and the present time.

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Women and the Sea

Imagen para la exposición de la odisea con Leo y Dina

This temporary exhibition informs the general public of women’s relationships with the sea down through the years, without forsaking the role they had played since ancient times in the folklore and mythology of the maritime world.

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