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Current exhibitions

The Shipping Museum regularly organises long-term temporary exhibitions on its two main floors.

Juan de Alcega. Universal tailor


From April 3 to September 29, 2019

The Basque Maritime Museum recovers the figure of Juan de Alcega, an illustrious figure from Gipuzkoa that memory has forgotten. He is the author of the first tailoring treaty published in Europe that under the title "Libro de geometria, pratica y traça, el qual trata de lo tocante al officio de sastre" ("Book of geometry, practice and traça, which deals with the subject of the tailor's office"), saw the light for the first time in Madrid in the year 1580 and it was reissued in 1589.


Ozeana. 6 artistic gazes


From July 4 to September 29, 2019

The Ganbara space of the Museum hosts a collective exhibition of sculptures related to the sea. In the exhibition you can see works by six contemporary artists: Guillermo Olmo, María Cueto, Marijose Recalde, Dora Salazar, Gotzon Huegun and Régis Pochelu.


Avisos del mar: la campana del Museo por el patrimonio


Exposición sonora para poner en valor la campana de la torre del Museo mediante un programa de toques a través del cual se quieren recuperar fechas significativas de la historia marítima de San Sebastián y de Gipuzkoa. 


Lonja, working for the sea


The exhibition space LONJA occupies the ground floor of the Naval Museum. It is a living space, galvanised by Albaola, where different elements related to the construction of the replica of the whaling ship San Juan are manufactured, stored and exhibited: barrels, oars, whaleboats, etc.



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