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I, traitor


From April 3 to June 23, 2019

With the exhibition project "I, the traitor" from the Basque Maritime Museum, we propose an interactive dialogue between the interpretation made by the artist Juan Aizpitarte about the character of Lope de Aguirre and the historical events that occurred during the voyage of exploration of the Amazon in search of The Golden.

Around Lope de Aguirre, his adventures and navigations, a tangle of lights and shadows is woven, many of them fueled by ignorance and prejudice.

Juan Aizpitarte shows us artistic works of different disciplines and formats, result of the creative process linked to the study and reflection on the figure of Lope de Aguirre. The museum provides the contextualization of historical events that will allow us to better understand the nature of a figure vilified and exalted in equal parts, however, almost no one has left indifferent.

Juan Aizpitarte

Juan Aizpitarte. Donostia-San Sebastián, 1974

His work explores the way that the history, the economy and the politics influence us like individuals, and how these phenomena contain the stories that build our cultural myths. Aizpitarte suggests through the films, performances, sculptures, artistic installations and interventions in the public spaces, questions and reflexions in the public sphere, about our relation with the others, our power in front the power, in front the art. His artworks are propositive, sometimes impertinent and even rebellious, always keeping the playful atmosphere and firm at the once. His works have been exhibited on a many research projects and personal expositions throughout the world such as Souvenirs (Galeria Maior, Palma de Mallorca 2018); In Between (Public Art, Stockolm 2015); Cosmic Ray (La chaufferie, Strassbourg 2012); The Gray Wall, (MA Studio Beijing 2012); Éxodo (Bienal Evento, Burdeos 2011), o The rise of Rad (Torrence Museum, L.A 2010.) among others.

Its main objective in this exhibition is to relate the historical character to the multiple contemporary narratives and authors who have claimed the ambiguity of this figure of the conquest of America as a faithful portrait of the complexity of the historical events that took place. Oteiza, Herzog or Morquillas are some of the authors who have treated the figure of Aguirre in his works. In this exercise, these other ways of seeing the character will be integrated into the process, either through extracted fragments or in a re-enagement format. The exhibition is also conceived as a conversation between contemporary works in resonance with vital historical documents to tell the story of Lope de Aguirre in the context of a fantastic expedition based on the myth of El Dorado. The post colonialist notion in turn raises new paradigms in the construction of the contemporary identity of the Basques.


2019/04/20. La exposición “Yo, el traidor” traspasa los muros del Museo Marítimo Vasco en colaboración con Tabakalera. El ciclo de cine "Focos: Nuevos territorios” comenzó con la película "Aguirre, la cólera de Dios” de Werner Herzog. + info

2019/05/25. Dinamización de la exposición a cargo de Juan Aizpitarte en colaboración con Casares Irratia. Taller "Collage coral" para la creación de una obra radiofónica. +info



El artista Juan Aizpitarte ha querido incorporar a la muestra su instalación pictórica “Vive Aguirre” ubicada en la antigua marisquería del Paseo Nuevo. Con este motivo se han instalado en el Paseo de La Concha, en la zona de Ondarreta, unos prismáticos con pedestal que enfocan dicha obra. Los prismáticos van acompañados de un panel informativo sobre la exposición “Yo, el traidor” del Museo Marítimo Vasco. Estos prismáticos se retirarán a la conclusión de la exposición.



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