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Ozeana. 6 artistic gazes


From July 4 to September 29, 2019

The Ganbara space of the Museum hosts a collective exhibition of sculptures related to the sea. In the exhibition you can see works by six contemporary artists: Guillermo Olmo, María Cueto, Marijose Recalde, Dora Salazar, Gotzon Huegun and Régis Pochelu.

Ozeana is a proposal by six artists who unite, relate and link their particular and varying take on the sea in a same ocean of stylistic communication. Ozeana is a mass of feelings, sensations, emotions, thoughts and ideas expressed by means of various materials, techniques and styles which coexist and connect with one another.

GUILLERMO OLMO. Arboleda, Bizkaia, 1960. Multidisciplinary artist, focussed on and immersed in the world of sculpture in recent times, self-taught and influenced in his artistic beginnings by the generation of great artists in the Gaur and Emen groups.


  • Sarea (Fishing net). 2018. Wood.
  • Sarea, agur itsasoa (Fishing net, goodbye sea). 2019. Iron.
  • Sarea, bizitza/heriotza (Fishing net, life/death). 2019. Wood.

MARÍA CUETO. Avilés, 1960. He starts learning textile techniques and performs various courses of tapestry, painting, ceramics and serigraphy. Currently he makes light sculptures suspended and composed of plant elements.


  • Gota de agua (Drop of Water). 2013. Thyme seeds, Sweetgum fruit.
  • Cardumen (Shoal). 2019. Whitened wild oats.

MARIJOSE RECALDE. Sartaguda, 1964. Artist who has cultivated different disciplines such as painting and woodcut until he reaches sculpture. His works are made with recycled materials.


  • Cabeza escurridiza (Elusive head). 2004. Mixed technique, shells, cork.
  • En el barco (On the boat). 2019. Mixed technique on bed base.

DORA SALAZAR. Alsasua, 1963. Artist of recognized prestige. Although he cultivates other artistic areas (painting, drawing, book illustrations ...), he is mainly dedicated to sculpture. Presents two works from the series "Aquatic" made during his stay in Donostia in 1998.


  • Mascarón de proa (Figurehead). 1998. Copper, steel and light.
  • Cola de sirena (Mermaid tail). 1998. Steel, iron and copper.

GOTZON HUEGUN. Lasarte-Oria, 1972. Sculptor attracted by the formulation of new Basque sculpture, the aesthetic of the Basque soul and the Basque school of art theorised by Oteiza. Today he is interested in exploring new languages in the wood sculpture discipline.


  • Liquen marino (Marine lichen). 2017. Oak.
  • Mirando al mar (Looking out to sea). 2019. Oak.
  • Itsasoko dama – Ozeana (Lady of the sea – Ozeana). 2010. Oak, bronze patina.

RÉGIS POCHELU. Hazparne, 1970. Self-taught sculptor, professional since 2004. He makes his works using mainly the sandstone of the Iparralde mountains.


  • Itsasontzia (Ship). 2018. Stone from La Rhune.
  • Bidaia (Voyage). 2010. Stone from Cantabria.
  • Convencu (Convinced). 2019. Stone from La Rhune.

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