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International Women’s Day 2021

Guillerma Iturriza: The last link in the chain?

On International Women’s Day, the Museum wishes to showcase women with an intense connection to the sea, forgotten by history, whose names we will not find among our city’s street plaques.

In a world in which their direct involvement in most maritime activities, in accordance with the laws, the morals and the social customs of the time, was not permitted, many women overcame this obstacle by helping to finance and equip the expeditions led by seafaring men. We wish to point out that these were not exceptional cases, and down through the centuries these female shipowners, lenders and entrepreneuses constituted a lengthy string of biographies with intense connections to the sea.

Guillerma Iturriza was not the last link in this chain of sea women, because we continue to work for and on behalf of the sea so that these stories will not be forgotten.