Clues game

Clues game in La Jarana

We will be solving 10 clues to get to know the Port of San Sebastián or the Jarana district. We will be seeing the changes that fishing and trade have brought about in the district and in the city.

Itsasertzetik taller de Pasaia a Terranova

From Pasaia to Terranova

We will focus on the activity of Basque fishermen over four centuries in the waters of Terranova (now Newfoundland).

Taller Balea Bi Euskal Itsas Museoa

Balea Bi

With a focus on experientiality and through movement, we will take a look at the characteristics of whales, and how Basque whalers operated.

Taller Online Baga y Boga

Baga eta Boga

Music and sounds are part of the life of a port. Each profession there sounds different, and we will interpret them.

Taller Al Abordaje - Euskal Itsas Museoa

Coming Aboard

Much more than a pirate story – these were the main players in the social and economic history of our coast.

Itsasertzetik Embarcaros en la primera vuelta al mundo

Get on board to go around the world!

Online workshop in three sessions, during which Juan de Zubileta and Andrés de Urdandeta will introduce us to Juan Sebastián Elkano and the great adventure of the First Voyage around the World.