Singladura escultórica 2018


The book is dedicated to the work of artist Ricardo Ugarte de Zubiarrain in relation to the sea. It contains writings about Ricardo Ugarte de Zubiarrain and his work, with a particular focus on his fondness of the sea and his vivid maritime imagery, a source of inspiration for his sculptural series of bollards, anchors, forecastles and aftcastles, all executed in steel.

The book was written in addition to the temporary exhibition of the same name, “Singladura escultórica” [The day’s run in sculptures], at the Museum from 8 June to 30 September 2018.

About monographs

The Untzi Museoa carries out an editorial activity (books and brochures) mainly linked to the temporary exhibitions it produces. The effort to maintain a continuous and quality editorial production is, without a doubt, one of the distinctive marks of this Museum.