About the museum

The Euskal Itsas Museoa is a space to showcase Basque Maritime Heritage, and to enable it to be examined in a participational, innovative and approachable format.

The Museum has opted for a participational, collaborative programme, with space to include activities organised by groups wishing to share and disseminate various facets of knowledge.

In short, the Basque Maritime Museum pursues the model of an open, approachable museum to assist with the acquisition of knowledge through emotional contact with the sea.

The museum belongs to the Provincial Council. It forms part of the Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sport’s Culture Area’s Historical-Artistic Heritage, Museums and Archives Service.

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The building

The Museum was opened in 1991 as the Naval Museum in the former San Sebastián Merchants’ Guild Tower-House, a building in the port which dates back to the mid-18th century. This remarkable building is one of the few civil constructions spared when the city was destroyed in 1813, and the only architectural relic of the San Sebastián Merchants’ Guild. The building was used to monitor harbour operations, collect taxes, and keep the wharves in good condition. It was also tasked with maritime rescue operations and maintaining order in the port. For a certain period of time it was also used as a nautical studies school. See all the details of its history here..
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Why is the sea important to you? This idea is a good summary of the Basque Maritime Museum’s raison d’être for the team undertaking the project. General Manager
  • Xabier Alberdi Lonbide
  • Mariana Rotaeche Setién
Head of Activities and Communication
  • Laida Canseco Etxabe
Head of Educational Programme
  • Aitor Buitron Perez de San Roman
Public Information Service
  • Gorka Lopez de Alda Ramos
  • Peio Urrutia Ochoa
imagen antigua del edificio del museo
imagen moderna del edificio del museo