We are memory, we are future

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The Musealiak space presents the collections of the Museum and the Gordailua deposit facility, and follows the trajectory of an everyday object to the glass cases of a museum.

Why do we choose some everyday objects to preserve them for future generations, and do not choose others? When a ship’s bell ceases to function, why can it become part of a collection in a museum?

There can be no doubt that these queries form part of the functions of museums and heritage centres working to salvage whatever we consider valuable for future societies. But it is not only their task – everyone must acknowledge and care for the cultural heritage that has been handed down to them.

Musealiak is a shared project, because we are all involved in the construction of a heritage. One clear example of construction of heritage by one and all is the exhibit we are presenting in the Basque Maritime Museum.

Project created along with the Zumulakarregi Museum and Caserío Museo Igartubeiti. Find out about your Musealiak!


July - November 2020


The first item exhibited in the Basque Maritime Museum’s Musealiak space is a bronze bell made for an English sailing boat in 1867.



November 2020 - March 2021


This item is a silver “piece of eight” coin, struck in Mexico in 1741, and taken aboard the Hollandia vessel in 1743, which was sailing to Batavia.



April - September 2021


The “Musealiak” space presents the story of two dishes, made around 1920, which were part of the tableware of the luxurious Goizeko Izarra yacht.