The collection makes up the essence of the Museum, and is composed of more than 6,000 exhibits and documents.

Exhibits and Documentation

The Museum’s collection is the property of the Provincial Council. With the exception of sea craft, since 2013 items in the collection have been deposited at the Gipuzkoa Heritage Collections Centre, “Gordailua..


Thanks to all those who wanted their own items to be added to our collections, for their awareness of Maritime Heritage, and their generosity to the Museum and society.
imagen de donaciones de diorama

Diorama of regattas and models of fishing vessels

Donor: Private Fecha: 2021/02/19 The donor made this diorama himself over 20 years, in addition to the models with recycled materials. The diorama represents a regatta day: the atmosphere, the rowing boats and sea craft. The image is awash with irony and subtle humour.
Moldes para hacer aguarines

Moulds for “aguarin” hooks

Donor: Eutimio Sillva Date: 2021/03/04 These three lead “aguarín” hooks were made to be sold in the 1960s by Aniceto Silva Urbano, father of Eutimio. Up to 1953, Aniceto and Martín Andonaegui were the owners of a ship in Donostia port, “Agustinatxorena”, a craft that was subsequently broken up for scrap.
caja de 28 aguarines

Box of 28 “aguarin” hooks and two hook-holders

Donor: María Esther and Carolina Eraso Rodriguez Date: 2021/04/21 The hooks were made in the 60s by José Rodríguez Jaureguí, who used them to fish on his rowing boat “La Reina de los Ángeles”. They were never offered for sale, and were used by the family. Esther recalls that she used to thread her grandad’s hooks as a little girl.

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