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24H. A day aboard The Victoria

The Basque Maritime Museum presents the exhibition “24H. A day aboard the Victoria”, an invitation to spend a day and a night on the ship that completed the First Voyage around the World”.

Imágen que muestra artículos expuestos en la Exposición 24H Un día en la Victoria
26/05/2021 - ACTIVITY

Bertsoak museoan!

On Saturday the Basque Maritime Museum will be holding a special “bertso” poetry session on migration with Jon Maia and Amets Arzallus.

Nota de prensa - Bertsoak Museoan
30/04/2021 - INITIATIVE

The see we share

The Basque Maritime Museum delves into the phenomenon of migration then and now, in an online initiative with journalist Ane Irazabal.

Nota de Prensa - El mar que compartimos

“Leopoldina Rosa: a story of today” and “The Odyssey with Leo and Dina”

The Basque Maritime Museum presents “Leopoldina Rosa: a story of today”, a reflection on the past and present of migration.

Nota de Prensa - Leopoldina Rosa