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24H. A day aboard the Victoria

From June 25, 2021 to January 9, 2022

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The “24H. A day aboard the Victoria” exhibition homes in on the details of life on board, to immerse visitors in a voyage that changed the world. The setting, the building itself ... will show us a day and a night aboard the Victoria, the only ship to complete the longest voyage.

The installation shows a typical day on board Juan Sebastián Elcano’s Victoria. By means of the royal instructions received by Magallanes, the testimony of navigators, passengers and sailors, and 16th century sailing manuals, this is a reconstruction of the complete “Longest voyage”, and the experiences of Elcano and his men.

Quotes from real testimony, 16th and 17th century treaties and fragments of the orders sent to Magallanes by the King, items sent to the Gordailua deposit facility, food and audiovisual contents make up an immersive scenography to give visitors the sensation they are living out a day aboard the Victoria.

“24H. A day aboard the Victoria” completes the project The longest voyage

El viaje más largo


25 June to 24 October 2021

Exhibition in the San Telmo Museum

In 1522 Juan Sebastián Elcano and his men on the Victoria successfully carried out the First Voyage around the World, transforming the journey begun by Fernando de Magallanes in 1519. Immerse yourself in the experience of a voyage that changed the world.


We are offering families a game of clues to enable them to visit the exhibition independently. This means the whole family can discover the secrets of spending a full day and a night on board, by following “Txantón” the mouse around the ship.

The map is free, it is for children between the ages of 6 and 12, and is available at reception in the Museum.


Two alternate Saturdays a month, the "24H a day in La Victoria" experience will be energized, aimed at the younger audience, with the help of the Museum's mediation team.

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24H. A day aboard the Victoria


From September, we will be back with our family workshops on the exhibition. We will publish this information in our agenda