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Go visit the exhibition “Elkano. La primera vuelta al mundo” by Euskal Itsas Museoa at Asporotsttipi (Hendaye)

For the first time, the Euskal Itsas Museoa has established a cross-border itinerancy with its exhibition “Elkano. Primera Vuelta al Mundo”, which is going to be visible at Maison de la Corniche-Asporotsttipi (Hendaye), until 25th March. 

Do you know who made the First Voyage around the World?

The merit of the first voyage around the world has been attributed to a number of historical characters. Apart from some less-known personages, there are three main candidates: Francis Drake, Ferdinand Magellan, Juan Sebastián de Elcano. 

For the first time, this exhibition reveals the transcendental role of Juan Sebastián de Elcano and the Basque contribution to the First Tour of the World (1519-1522), one of the great events in the history of humanity.

The sample has been adjusted to the place by the team of the two entities and will be visible in Basque and French.