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The Euskal Itsas Museoa towards accessibility for all the people

Our mission is to be a museum for all people, an accessible and inclusive museum. We are aware that it is a long road that we are covering little by little.

We are happy to announce that, since February of this year, we have made the following improvements available to visitors:

  • Accessible reception

The information desk at the Museum entrance is now accessible. It is designed with a hollow at the bottom and a suitable height for the people who use wheelchairs.

  • Reception with magnetic loop

We have also installed a magnetic loop at the information desk that allows users of hearing aids or cochlear implants to listen to the Museum staff without noise.

  • Portable magnetic loop for guided tours

A portable magnetic loop is available to all people with hearing disabilities, whether they have a cochlear implant, a hearing aid, or nothing at all, which allows them to listen without noise to the guided tours and activities offered by the Museum.

  • Accessibility kit

Visually impaired people now have at their disposal at the entrance to the museum various technical aids to facilitate the reading of brochures and books, as well as improvements for completing forms.

You can check all the Museum's accessibility measures in the Accessibility section of our website.