Reflections of the manager of a Getaria restaurant

We are still in Getaria, and have contacted the manager of one of its leading restaurants. These establishments are one of the mainstays of the Basque Country’s gastronomy, culture and maritime heritage, and now enjoy international renown.

About Itsasertzetik - Museum, agent of today’s issues

The museum, agent of today’s issues is an initiative by the museums run by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, to showcase realities affecting the museum during lockdown. In the exceptional situation created by COVID19, the three centres focus on the realities with the greatest impact on the museum community, with interviews, podcasts and a small online magazine. The aim is to portray and highlight conduct and initiatives by anonymous people who, like the museum, are now witnessing a story we have in common. The Basque Maritime Museum wishes to share the responses and uncertainties in the fishing industry and in fish distribution and sales. Itsasertzetik arose as an online magazine available in this section of the website to come up with an answer to some of the most pertinent questions in the sector – How are they coping with the changes ushered in by this new reality?