Month of the Museums of the Basque Coast 2023

March returns with a rich cultural offer of more than 100 activities for all audiences that will take place in the museums of the Basque Coast.

Itsasertzetik 4

Reflections of the manager of a Getaria restaurant

We are still in Getaria, and have contacted the manager of one of its leading restaurants. These establishments are one of the mainstays of the Basque Country’s gastronomy, culture and maritime heritage, and now enjoy international renown.

Itsasertzetik 3

Reflections of a member of the Getaria fishermen’s guild

We listen to the testimony and opinions of a senior member of the fishermen’s guild.

Itsasertzetik 2

Observations of a fishmonger in the La Bretxa market

We went to La Bretxa market to hear the testimony and reflections of a fishmonger on the effects of this crisis.

Itsasertzetik 1

Observations of a fishing boat skipper

Without leaving the port, in this first edition we summarise the observations of one of the fishing boat skippers from the city’s fishermen’s guild.

Itsasertzetik 5

The situation of a fish preserves factory in the COVID-19 era

We went to the town of Markina Xemein to listen to opinions and testimonies at the Olasagasti company, a fish preserves company.

Itsasertzetik 6

The situation of a Donostia sailing boat in the COVID-19 era

We went to Hondarribia and Donostia to listen to the testimony of an instructor who teaches skippers of yachts and recreational craft.