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Mare Clausum

From the 5th July 2024 to the 2nd November 2025

Language: Eusk | Esp | Fr | Eng

Since the dawn of history, various civilizations and powers have disputed hegemony over shipping routes and the exploitation of maritime resources. Disputes that in today's geopolitical and environmental conflicts remain as hot as ever.

These struggles have generated an important heritage that has survived to this day. The exhibition brings together an important set of pieces such as weapons and banners from naval battles and colonial wars, maps of former colonial possessions, sumptuous exotic objects, tools for everyday use, essential for ocean navigation, etc.

This exhibition aims to generate reflection on the questions that revolve around the question of “whose is the sea?”, which to this day continue to be latent, as well as on the decisive responsibility of the Basque Country in seven centuries of expansion. and European domination throughout all the oceans of the planet



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