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Moilak. Traditionally Innovative

From 16th February 2023 to 26th January 2024

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Languages: Basque | Spanish | French | English

Is innovation part of out tradition?

This exhibition illustrates the important role Basque ports have played in the last two centuries. Ports have always been hubs of economic, social and technological innovation and they have had a direct impact on the historical development of the Basque Country more widely.


On the coast of Gipuzkoa, the word most commonly used in the Basque language to refer to ports and harbours is 'Moila'. Ports are essential gateways between sea and land. 

And like gates, they can be opened and closed depending on prevailing economic, political and diplomatic conditions. They are points of conveyance for people, goods, ideas, projects and cultures, as well as being areas of intersection between different socioeconomic, political and cultural spheres.

They act as both safe havens and bases for local and foreign vessels, as well as hosting numerous land-based industries and services with close ties to the sea. And they support the economies of millions of women and seafaring families.

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Meet the models, machines, fishing gear, pictures, engravings, sculptures, photographs, films, archaeological pieces, documents, etc. from the Museum’s collection and various institutions – Gordailua, Aquarium, Filmoteca Vasca, ZIIZ, Guascor S.A. and the Cofradía de Pescadores Elkano de Getaria – !


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