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Platos del Goizeko izarra


April - September 2021

Item: Plates from the Goizeko Izarra

Here we present the story of two plates, made around 1920 in France by leading producers of luxury porcelain, which formed part of the tableware of the yacht Goizeko Izarra, one of the largest and most luxurious craft of its time.

During the Spanish civil war, they were used to feed thousands of people who boarded the Goizeko Izarra to flee to France. After they were donated to the Museum in 1993, their incredible story comes to light 20 years on.



The first item exhibited in the Basque Maritime Museum’s Musealiak space is a bronze bell made for an English sailing boat in 1867.

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This item is a silver “piece of eight” coin, struck in Mexico in 1741, and taken aboard the Hollandia vessel in 1743, which was sailing to Batavia.

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