Past Exhibitions


Leopoldina Rosa: a story of today

3 February to 13 June 2021

The Basque Maritime Museum presented “Leopoldina Rosa: a story of today”, an exhibition which comes from and was produced by the Zumalakarregi Museum in Ormaiztegi, a dual look at the phenomenon of migration between the 19th century and the present time.

The expedition by the frigate “Leopoldina Rosa”, which gives the exhibition its name, left Bayonne crammed with Basque migrants, and foundered on the coast of Uruguay in 1842. This voyage serves as a theme to analyse Basque migration in the 19th century and ongoing migratory processes in the present day.

The museum also wished to broaden the scope of the Zumalakarregi Museum’s migration project by taking a look at the migration phenomenon from the maritime perspective. The exhibition contains testimony from people who migrated from various locations to the coast of Gipuzkoa: sailors, fishermen, net-menders and a female cook.

The Odyssey with Leo and Dina

Alongside the exhibition, on the first floor of the museum, Euskal Itsas Museoa has devised its first fun experience for girls and boys. The Odyssey with Leo and Dina is an experience the Museum has come up with to encourage young people to think during a game about the voyages of migrants. How are they taken in by the countries they arrive in? Do we welcome them in the same way we would like to be welcomed? Each participant will pick up their boarding card at the entrance to the Museum, which has the instructions and the steps to be taken on the Odyssey. Leo and Dina will act as guides on this adventure to each young visitor arriving in the Donostia of 2090, a dreary, inhospitable city which it would be better to leave. And so the migration begins.