Past Exhibitions



4 July to 29 September 2019

The Museum’s “Ganbara” space was used for an exhibition of sculptures relating to the sea, with works by six contemporary artists: Guillermo Olmo, María Cueto, Marijose Recalde, Dora Salazar, Gotzon Huegun and Régis Pochelu.

Ozeana is an installation by six artists combining, relating and linking their specific, different views of the sea in a single stylistic ocean of communication. Ozeana is a mass of feelings, sensations, emotions, thoughts and ideas expressed with a range of materials, techniques, languages and styles which co-exist and connect.

Artistas de exposición Ozeana en Euskal Itsas Museoa

Guillermo Olmo, Maria Cueto, Mari Jose Recalde, Dora Salazar, Gotzon Huegun y Remi Pochelu