Presentation of the novel “Hija del Mar”

Daughter of the Sea: A passionate, emotional novel that will tell the tale of one of the most intriguing heroines in the history of Spain.

18th century. Córdoba-born Ana María de Soto flees from a forced marriage and a father incapable of affection to embark upon an adventure never before undertaken by a woman: to pass herself off as a man in order to enlist in the Spanish Navy. This would realise her dream of travelling the world and taking on valiant, intrepid enemies. During her voyage, not only will Ana María experience the bliss and pain of a first love, but she will also have to call up all her courage and spunk to survive in a world of men, where any false move may entail the greatest disaster for her.

During her maritime adventures she will discover the value of friendship and honour, but violence too, fear and betrayal.

Date of presentation at the Basque Maritime Museum: Friday, 4 June. 19:00 h.