Looking Thorugh Heritage

This exhibition is an invitation to rediscover the Heritage that surrounds us, from multiple perspectives. It is a tribute to spaces, environments, architectures, traditions, landscapes that make up our surroundings and tell us about our cultural heritage

The Euskal Itsas Museoa towards accesibility for all the people

Our mission is to be a museum for all the people, an accessible and inclusive museum.

Go visit the exhibition “Elkano. La primera vuelta al mundo” by Euskal Itsas Museoa at Asporotsttipi (Hendaye)

El Euskal Itsas Museoa cierra el año 2022 con récord en usuarios y visitantes.

Moilak. Traditionally Innovative

This exhibition illustrates the important role Basque ports have played in the last two centuries. Ports have always been hubs of economic, social and technological innovation and they have had a direct impact on the historical development of the Basque Country more widely. Is innovation part of our tradition?

Inmersión: Viaje submarino

We dive into the depths of the sea to learn about the history of scuba diving from ancient times, through the 19th century with the discovery of the Siebe diving suit, to the birth of sport diving in the 20th century.


TROMELIN The island of the forgotten slaves

The exhibition shows the history of the forgotten ones of the Tromelin island after the archaeological investigation carried out on the island.

Towards the essence

The exhibition shows the creation process of the last comic of the artist Donostiarra Josean Olabe from beginning to end.

Cartel ilustrativo de la Exposición Un día en La Victoria

24H. A day aboard the Victoria

The exhibition homes in on the details of life on board, to immerse visitors in a voyage that changed the world.